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We work with people who need an individualised response to service delivery. We offer a flexible service delivery model and aim to work with a range of people, and across a range of complex situations.
We would love to speak with you about what you need from us.

• Behaviour Support Services
• Specialist Support Coordination
• OT Assessment
• Organisational Training
• Clinical Supervision
• Other one-off individualised assessments
• Forensic risk assessments, reports and court reporting

Positive Behaviour Support

Positive behaviour support is a philosophy of practice and a term to represent a range of individual and multisystemic therapeutic responses designed to support change in people’s behaviour and ultimately their quality of life.

PBS acknowledges that all people, irrespective of their behaviour, are entitled to human rights and that any assessment, intervention or support should be respectful, value and nurture those human rights. Positive behaviour support identifies that all behaviour serves a purpose, including those behaviours that are deemed to be behaviours of concern. To support adaptive change, it is fundamental to the practice of PBS that Practitioners should understand the purpose of the existing behaviours, the individuals aspirations and the range of knowledge and skills they already have.

Positive behaviour support is implemented in partnership with the person, their carers and their support network and staff who work collaboratively to:

  • Identify behaviours of concern and goals of intervention
  • Gather information to identify the factors surrounding the behaviour generate, implement and evaluate the intervention inclusive of a behaviour support plan.
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Positive practices methodology

Specialist Support Coordination

Alana Michel
Positive practices methodology
Positive Practices Specialist Support Coordinators focus on addressing barriers, responding to challenging circumstances and reducing complexity in the support environment. We support Participants to connect with mainstream and disability specific supports and build capacity. Positive Practices Specialist Support Coordinators will;
  • Develop a support plan that identifies clear actions, goals, roles and responsibilities.
  • Implement and coordinate supports and services that align with the goals and aspirations of the Participant and their families.
  • Coordinate complex supports and services which are developed and delivered within the funding plan.
  • Develop and maintain relationships and communication with internal and external providers and allied health care professionals to ensure a responsive level of coordination.
  • Assist Participants to achieve their goals through building capacity, knowledge, resourcefulness and confidence.

Our Process

Positive practices methodology

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We take an individualised approach to your supports. Our first step will be gathering information about you and your needs. Depending on what you are seeking from us we will then progress with more specific assessments and develop plans and strategies to reach your goals.

You can make a referral by completing this form or submitting the form online.
This varies. We do have a waitlist but sometimes we have more capacity to accept referrals. It is important that you advise us of any reasons where you may need services urgently. This way we can review your referral and consider your priority for allocation with a clinician as best we can. If things change for you while you are on our waitlist, please contact us with an update at contact@positivepractices.com.au
If you contact us through our website or at contact@positivepractices.com.au we can send you an information pack about our supervision services. We charge an hourly rate but are able to offer an individualised quote depending on your needs.
We don’t currently offer these services. We operate on a model where our clinicians consult and support a person with a disability, their formal and informal support networks to implement strategies and plans. We can train and debrief with a team regularly, but we do not directly employ support workers to do intensive therapy or interventions.
Yes, we travel across the north of Australia. We will make all attempts to use your plan efficiently by using telehealth and other methods of contact. We quote separately for travel and can discuss this with you in more detail if you make a referral.
Yes, we generally charge for travel in line with the NDIS Price Guide.
Yes, we do this. We offer private services and accept referrals from other third-party payers. Please contact us about what you need, and we can discuss these options.

Positive Practices is committed to the goal of reducing and eliminating the use of Restrictive Practices for people with Disabilities. We firmly believe that peoples human rights should be upheld, and people should be free from experiencing the negative effects of ongoing and inappropriate use of Restrictive Practices.
We also understand that sometimes Restrictive Practices are needed for emergency or short term use. If this is the case, we thoroughly assess and work with people to ensure that appropriate legislation, NDIS rules and reporting is conducted to ensure that restrictive practices are monitored and reduced.